Diversity and social justice discussion are on-going, essential components to our annual Residential Education staff trainings.  This year we invited Harris Jones Consulting to work first with professional housing staff in July, and then again in August with our RAs and full-time staff.  David and Kelvin infused the presentations with current events, respectful energy, relevant compassion and the necessary courage for change.  Their collective experience, passion, sincerity, and personalized approach shines through even in a room with 150 people. Our student staff responded and engaged whole-heartedly, and shared “Kelvin and David were awesome! They made me feel comfortable to share my life experiences with others. I enjoyed how informative they were and felt that they kept the audience engaged” and “My favorite part of the training...I learned more about one of my friends in those 30 minutes then I have over the past 4 years…did a great job of steering the training and continuously keeping it a conversation.” Without hesitation, we recommend engaging thoughtful service and learning with Harris Jones Consulting. –  Lydia Johnson and Lucinda Poudrier-Aaronson, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Housing and Residential Education “I have had the pleasure of working with the David and Kelvin with their company, The Harris Jones Consulting Group, as part of our GEAR UP Program Professional Development activities for several years now.  The GEAR UP Program is a college and career readiness program and seeks to help create sustainable change in educational culture. I first contacted David and Kelvin to help us with an event that I had envisioned.  This event was for students, educators and administration of all backgrounds, spanning the K-12 arena, Higher Education and the non-profit sector as well.  From the beginning, both David and Kelvin took the time to better understand our program, the landscape of education in the Greater Hartford area, and the appropriate topics and activities to help facilitate the event.  David and Kelvin were well prepared for the event and did an excellent job in carrying out the vision of the program using engaging activities, group participation and excellent presentation skills.  We had a very diverse audience of students, educators and administrators and they made sure everyone felt comfortable and participated in the event.  Participants had an enjoyable experience and raved about their ability to help them think critically and share their thoughts about many important topics in education today.  We look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects and I highly recommend them for any event that you may have in mind.”  –     Joanna White, Director – GEAR UP Program “Working alongside David and Kelvin is always a wonderful experience! They thoughtfully and thoroughly tailor each workshop to best meet the needs of the program outcomes and audience. In contracting David and Kelvin one can anticipate ongoing communication before and after the session. They work collaboratively with their clients to ensure that the presentation is relevant, engaging, and transformational. Their diversity of experiences assists them in connecting with varied participants. I highly recommend working with David and/or Kelvin.”

– Connie Cabello, Social Justice Training Institute Alum